Economic Scarcity Is Created to Force Slave Labour

Economic scarcity, hardship and suffering are created in order to force people into slave jobs they otherwise wouldn’t take for wages they otherwise wouldn’t accept. We live in an infinite universe with infinite resources. Every year more resources are created than are needed, the excess is stockpiled or destroyed to create scarcity.

Why would they do this you may ask? The rich wouldn’t have servants otherwise. Who’s going to pour coffee if everyone is at the same level of economic security? Who is going to mop floors and shine shoes? Who will create all the little useless trinkets the rich consume then discard every year? Who would repair your computer when it is broken, who would help you with your internet when it fails? Who would build heavy, dirty construction equipment in an unsafe environment? Who would sell you your furniture? Who will drive you around in a taxi? People that have been forced to accept unacceptable wages just to survive the day, then have to toil just to survive the next.

This situation has been created and when things start getting too well and people have time to think, the government and upper class clamp down to make things worse. They start destroying excess food crops, creating medicine scarcity, inflate the currency, create conflict between different groups (national, racial, political, classism, sexism, sports teams and any other ism and division you can think of). So more work longer hours, get sick, have heart attacks, develop mental disorders from stress so they can not fight the injustice they see before them every day of their lives.

Everything Is Opposite of What We’ve Been Taught: Time For Truth

Churches are business meeting centers, schools are psychological brainwash, control centres, hospitals are death camps. All presidents are chosen, government is a criminal gang, there is no free nation on this Earth. The wise stay modest while the ignorant preach and boast. “Employment” is slave labour, food has become poison.

People are wealthy from the exploitation and suffering of others. Money is the accumulation of human slavery and suffering in plastic or digital form. Charities give to themselves and militaries are the first to give food and water to those in need. Guns save lives while medications kill. Controlled plant substances improve your life while easily available alcohol destroys it. Those in need do not get while those in excess keep getting more.

Evil men wear suits and the noble saint wears rags. The legal system perpetuates injustice. The “news” showcases failed and aspiring actors in false situations. Television cleverly and subtly spouts corporate, government propaganda and wickedness. Our whole society is a lie, it is time to dismantle and live in peace and universal truth once again.


Intelligence is a life form that uses humans as its host. The universe is truly an amazing place with ideas and information we can’t even begin to comprehend. There is so much that exists and operates outside of our society. There is no reason for pain and suffering, or scarcity. All of our problems we created ourselves or have been passed down as pathologies and neuroses from our parents who received from their parents down the line.

A completely new world and way of thinking, living and doing are at our grasp. We don’t have to work, live in cities, use money, hostility or damage the planet or others in any way. We don’t have to live like our parents lived, or their parents or the ones before them, we must create our own world. The time has come where we have 21st century technology and ideas but our thinking and societal structure is still operating on dark age principals. It is a choice that is up to all of us, and is a difficult challenge that we must all accept. Brave people tread forward.

State of the World and How to Become Free

What is happening in the world? The rampant chaos, war and suffering seem to overwhelm our senses and put us into a state of total apathy. The problems of the world seem too large, complicated and dangerous to tackle. They get worse and worse as time goes on. We are content to go to work, have a social life and watch television. As long as we can keep to ourselves we’ll be okay we think. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as we are all connected. The suffering of our world or another human being is the suffering of ourselves. Are these conditions all by accident or is there a method to the madness?

     The world is currently in a state of total disarray in every form. We are at war with our fellow man, the environment is being destroyed and polluted, and we are living ego driven lives striving after petty material objects in hopes of furthering our social status. A typical day consists of eight hours of work followed by a few hours in front of television to repeat the next day. All our time and efforts go towards acquiring the necessities for survival. We work so we can eat, have shelter, clothing and enjoy recreational activities. Constant stress overwhelms us as we worry about having enough money to pay the mortgage, car payments, electric and grocery bills. We are consequently left in a state of constant survival.

     This state of worry over the necessities of survival fills our bodies with stress hormones and completely cut off the higher brain functions and ideals. The current state of the world has all been constructed by design to keep us in control without thinking too much and to keep the gears of the world turning by the elite social class. Their methods include all aspects of life with advanced psychology, mass media and technology to create an all encompassing prison you are not even aware of, for the best slave is the one that thinks he is free. There are 1000 channels on television and not one of them broadcasts the truth. All programs consist of mindless distractions meant to keep you entertained and apathetic.

     Look at your life, are you truly free? Do you work a job you go to work freely everyday? Do you love and enjoy what you are doing? Or do you work to pay the bills and debt? If so you are a modern day slave like the rest of us. The men in the cotton fields worked to stay alive, as are the people of today. If they worked hard they would get a good meal and shelter over their heads at night. If they were really productive they had a chance to be the slave masters butler in the comforts of his home. Have things really changed much since then? Instead of working for a slave master we now work for corporations that pay us just enough to provide for food and shelter to work another day. If we are really good we might get a shot at corporate butler where we get a little more pay.

     The world is setup to keep us down in every way. Money, social classes, racism, nationalism, sexism, politics, this is all designed to emphasize the difference between us so we are always at each others throats. A state of constant struggle, competition and rivalry is created. There really isn’t anything to compete over as we are all in this together. A peaceful humanity in cooperation with his fellow man is what the establishment fears most because they would lose all control.

     What is money when you get right down to it? Worthless pieces of paper that society has told you are needed to “buy” things. Money is an extremely recent creation in the history of mankind. Material things really don’t have any value except what the bankers say. This is a lie to perpetrate the systems of control. The men of old provided for themselves and their communities because it was the right thing to do. The natives found it absurd when the white man came over and asked to buy land. They didn’t understand, as the earth is not something you can own, it is all of ours equally. We have been raised to believe everything has a price when in reality this is an illusion that we keep alive in our minds. This is what all of modern society is currently; an illusory system kept alive by stereotypes and ignorance. A “this is the way it’s always been” attitude when really these paradigms are all very recent.

     Who benefits most from the current monetary system? It’s not the little guy, but the people most in charge, the international bankers. The monetary system is a giant pyramid scheme. The bankers print off paper money to buy real tangible assets while everyone else is chasing around paper currency. It is like a big game of monopoly that involves the entire world except the bankers get to create their own money. The longer the game plays out the more the little guy loses until the big guy has bought everything of value and bankrupted everyone else. This is what is happening in our world today. We are seeing a greater gap between the wealthy and the poor. One percent of the population now controls eighty percent of the world’s wealth and resources. There is something terribly wrong with that.

     As humans we are equally entitled to the earth and all its bounties. The international bankers are greedy misers hoarding all their wealth and resources while people starve and suffer. There is more than enough space, resources, medicines, food and shelter to go around many times over. These people have created scarcity to increase prices, competition and structures of control. The generated economic crisis was designed to consolidate more wealth and power for those in control while emphasizing a state of competition. While everyone else is suffering and chasing around a few pennies on the ground, the international bankers are racking up an empire of wealth and power like never before seen. They have acquired trillions upon trillions of dollars of taxpayer money through direct government control and takeover. This has been the biggest looting in the world’s history, from our pockets to theirs.

     The current situation playing out in the world is known as “Endgame” by the bankers. They call it this because it is now the end of their game where they rack up all the chips, shake everyone down and gain total dominance over the entire world in politics, economics, military, medicine, science, media etc. Their Endgame involves a world where they are kings and the people are the slaves. One only needs to look at the destruction of the middle class and the widening gap between super wealthy and the poor to see this is the case. Take a look at the bailout, over 90% of the American people didn’t want this to occur and yet trillions of dollars went from the taxpayers pockets to the bankers. These trillions didn’t make a dent in solving the problem because it was never meant to. This is because the government is controlled by the bankers and they lie to cover up their crimes. The Patriot Act, domestic military missions, increasing police and surveillance presence are all conveniently in place now that the people have been looted. This is a well thought, carefully constructed complete takeover plan carried out by tyrants for the last 100 years, at least. If you speak up and tell the truth you are now labelled a terrorist and enemy of the state.  

     Social conditioning is the main tool used against humanity by the elite. Our shackles are not physical but only in our minds. We police ourselves, always judging our behaviour and others in accordance to what we think other people or society expect. We are afraid to stand out and step out of line. Stereotypes and lack of imagination lock people into a superficial world of materialism and petty social interaction. The people imitate the behaviour they see on television, music and movies to try to fit in. Mass media and popular culture convince people the most important things in life are material possessions, climbing the social ladder and living the rat race. We are taught to objectify the opposite sex and the only thing that matters is good looks, money and fame. These paradigms ensure a structure and chain of hierarchy at the expense of our individuality and personal freedoms. These ideals were permeated into society by the elite at the top of the social wealth hierarchy through all elements of mass media. Once you see the game for what it is, you can stop playing it. Once you stop playing their game you become free. Be authentic, not what you think society or other people think you should be. Take a risk, live outside of the square of mainstream society, be a true individual.


Nuclear Japan

The nation of Japan has many powerful enemies in the world. Japan fought aggressively in the early 20th century and attacked many Asian countries with total disregard for human rights and civilian deaths. They deployed chemical and biological weapons on the Chinese populace and also fought against eastern Russia and North Korea. One of the main reasons for China's current military spending and development today goes back to the Japanese massacre of Chinese civilians in the 20th century. Japan surrendered to the United States of America in 1945 and their military was completely dismantled. There are treaties against Japanese military development similar to the Treaty of Versailles signed against the nation of Germany after World War I.

Japan's Basic Policy for National Defense stipulates the following policies:

1.     To avoid becoming a major military power that might pose a threat to the world.

2.     Refraining from the development of nuclear weapons, and to refuse to allow nuclear weapons inside Japanese territory.

3.     Ensuring civilian control of the military.

4.     Maintaining security arrangements with the United States

5.     Building up defensive capabilities within moderate limits.

6.     Absolute ban on arm exports.

Nuclear power plants are not just for producing electricity, they also have the ability to refine and produce weapons grade plutonium and uranium. Japan had a significant stockpile of weapons grade plutonium and wanted to develop a nuclear weapons program but stay within the treaty; similar to Germany between World War I and II researching, testing and developing rockets, missiles and aircraft through rocket and glider clubs. This meant keeping weapons grade plutonium on stockpile but keeping the actual nuclear devices used in nuclear weapons unassembled. It is very easy to build nuclear weapons, as demonstrated when two students wrote a document with great detail so it could be designed in any machine shop ( The only hard part is getting the weapons grade uranium or plutonium through processing and refining which can be done by nuclear power plants.

On March 8th 2011, the Governor of Tokyo urged Japan to develop nuclear weapons ( The weeks, months and years proceeding this tragic event was one with many army, naval, air and even space violations and clashes into Japanese territory from the armed forces of China, Russia and North Korea; Japan’s main enemies and all of which are nuclear armed. Japan’s nuclear power plant that was struck by the March 11th 2011 earthquake and tsunami was one of those nuclear power plant complexes which were refining weapons grade plutonium.

Earthquake and tsunami weapons have been studied, researched, developed and tested by the major militaries of the world since World War II. Make your own conclusions.

The conclusion I came to is the treaty was about to be violated and there is a vast effort to keep any new countries from acquiring and developing nuclear weapons especially one which could radically destabilize the Asia-Pacific region and potentially jeopardize the lives of millions if not billions in their construction and development.