The Truth About MH17

There is much more to the supposed “shoot down” of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 by “Russian Rebels” than the media has been telling you. This is a well coordinated, well funded black operation with the hopes of getting more nations, people, money and equipment sucked into the conflict from NATO countries against the people of Russia.

This is an attempt to start a third world war with the world’s largest nation and largest nuclear weapons stockpile holder. Such action would only lead to large scale blood shed never before seen on this Earth and destruction of our entire civilization as we know it.

The truth about flight MH17 includes the use of at least two B-2 bombers, special forces personnel and the pieces, crew members and passengers of the Boeing 777-200ER from the missing Malaysian flight MH370.

On July 17th, 2014, two B-2 bombers flew into Ukrainian air space with a very special cargo which included pieces of a Malaysian Boeing 777-200ER, a large kerosene fuel air bomb and sedated, preserved, hibernation inducted human beings. This cargo was dumped over Eastern Ukraine, in the Donetsk region held by supposed “Russian rebels” in an attempt to make it look like they shot down an airliner full of innocent people which would manufacture consent for further military action in the region and beyond into Russian territory.

These people were murdered not by “Russian rebels” but by people in the west that have a deep hatred for Russian humans and a wish to start a third world war. These people are liars, murderers, thieves and wannabe genociders and must be stopped at all costs before they destroy our entire world and every one of us with it.

Free The Humans

Taught to believe all humans are dangerous

All interactions must be dealt with caution

Trained like dogs to instigate, provoke, brutalize, cage and kill

When they react naturally to hostility

We have a scourge in society

People thinking they can tell other people what to do

How to live and how to act

All under the excuse of safety

I’m looking for a free human that wants to play

Are there any left?

Signs Of An Abused Male

Most of the literature pertaining to domestic violence is mostly one sided and slanted on female victims. It has been found through countless studies that females are actually more likely to instigate violence in relationships and more likely to use aggression when attempting to gain control of the relationship and will use threats to try to dominate their male partners. They don’t see men as humans worthy of love, respect, dignity and kindness but rather sexual and monetary objects to be exploited and manipulated for their own selfish gain.

Female abusers are often immediately labeled the “victim” and their crimes are overlooked and they get away with more aggression than males because most often responding officers to domestic disturbances are male and have been indoctrinated by ignorance, myth and inaccurate training mandates to “save the princess” from the “evil man”.

Most of the time the male will get arrested even when its clear that the female is the violent instigator. This can ruin that man’s life because he is now judged for being in handcuffs and having to potentially deal with a criminal record while his abuser is free in society to keep trying to use violence and manipulate others to use violence against him.

A campaign of harassment is waged and very few can actually see what is really going on and the few that do rarely have the courage to intervene and help. When a woman is in trouble many flock to help but for a man this is often not the situation. This can lead the man to feel very isolated, paranoid, not taken seriously and ostracized.

He will have trouble sleeping, lose trust in people and become paranoid and suspicious. This is because female abusers are notorious for manipulating men to hurt other men so they are always having to look over their shoulder to see which direction the next manipulated man is coming from that has been fed lies and is now hell bent on trying to hurt him in order to impress the violent woman to try to gain sex and approval from her.

This leads to a very stressful, survival oriented existence where men are looking to accept a female’s lies in order to potentially gain sex from her in the future. A violent female abuser can literally use her body to have men assaulted, harassed and murdered. It is up to all of us to be on the lookout for this type of behaviour from both men and women equally.

Many aggressive woman will actually hurt themselves and then blame the man they are angry with or are trying to control. They will also threaten to call the police with a fabricated story with self inflicted injuries and dangle that over his head to gain control. They will also threaten to have a divorce or threaten to take the children away and fight a protracted court battle. 

Violent women will also threaten to kill the man as he is trying to fall asleep and kick and shove him every times he falls asleep in order to keep him sleep deprived and in a bad mood.

They will try to manipulate every one and everything like brats if they don’t get their way and will even have temper tantrums and start screaming at the top of their lungs and act out of control and start crying. As a man that has only had intimate relationships with women this is my story.

Right to Self Defense In Canada

The right to self defense in Canada is a right on the books but in reality is punished harshly by the legal system. When someone has their life threatened and a firearm is used for defense, police will look for any excuse to try to charge the victim and let the perpetrator go. For example let’s cite the case of Ian Thomson who fired warning shots with a pistol after a group of thugs tried to burn him out of his home.

Police immediately tried to charge him with unsafe storage of a firearm, seized his firearms and tried to impose other charges and a weapons prohibition. He spent tens of thousands in his defense in the court system and the criminals only got two years in jail and are now free. This is incredibly evil and unjust. Canada is becoming more and more like the Soviet Union or China by the day. We must stand up and fight for out rights as free human beings.

Imagine having to defend your life then being charged with multiple crimes, have your tools for protection taken away and a weapon prohibition imposed so you’d be defenseless to those that want to do you harm in the future. Things need to change in this country. Firearms are a right along with self defense as citied by the English Bill of Rights of 1689 and universal law.

Abusers Who Abuse, Then Call Others and Police

I have had a few instances in my life where people have threatened, assaulted, insulted, disrespected, dehumanized and stolen from me then call other people or the police to try to hurt me when I try to rectify the situation and offer forgiveness. It is disappointing to see abusers cover up their lies and wrong doing with such fervor that they are willing to lie and manipulate others to try to do me harm.

They do evil in the world, then manipulate others as pawns to do their bidding and dirty work while they sit back and watch the chaos and confusion unfold around them.

These people are human garbage plain and simple with rotten hearts and corrupted souls. May God shine the light of truth upon their heads for all the world to see them for what they truly are and may they be judged, punished and kept from doing further wrong doing and harm in the world.

The Persecution and Dehumanization of Marginalized Groups in Society.

Those that choose to live a lifestyle different than the norm are persecuted all throughout history. Today is no different. Dehumanizing and abusive behaviour that most people only see or hear in the news, books, TV shows and movies can be a daily occurrence for those that have been marginalized and pushed aside from mainstream society.

While a middle class person’s biggest complaint in life may be the fact that the waitress took too long at a restaurant or they were bullied once way back in elementary school those that live in the fringes live life like a combat zone, because to them it is. The government war on drugs (and I’m not talking about weed) unfortunately doesn’t fight the inanimate drugs but actual flesh and blood human beings with hopes, dreams, emotions, aspirations, fears, likes and dislikes. The media often placates the middle class when people are shot at, stabbed, beaten, robbed, abused, imprisoned or tortured by giving them a false label other than human being or not even covering the story at all in the media.

Many die and go off to prison without so much as an asterisk in the newspaper. I want to point out there are two societies and peoples operating side by side. The one that goes off to work 9-5 Monday to Friday and those that want to remain free. Those that work 9-5 often loathe those that try their best to remain free. The free people are demonized at every chance by the machine society to hide their overwhelming jealousy and hatred between the disparity for what they currently are and what they could be.

Those living in the margins and fringes struggle to stay alive on a daily basis. They often go without food and sleep for long periods of time and are harassed and dehumanized by vultures that choose to exploit their fellow man for often selfish, petty, short sighted, short term, material gain. The always have a long list of excuses and justifications for abusing their fellow human, one of their favourites is for “safety” which I sarcastically mock whenever possible.

Those in the fringes have often seen the worst humanity has to offer and still face the new day with hopes to stay alive and while staying alive help and better mankind and its society.

A Wish

I wish I lived in a world where I could hunt and catch my own food for the day and use herbal medicine plants without fear of someone in a uniform trying to bully, shackle, fine, arrest, torture, pepper spray, tazer or shoot me.

This isn’t done for “conservation of the environment”. Just like every empire throughout history it is to control and exploit the people. Now I am forced to go buy food with government issued currency at ridiculous prices that has gone through the government channels of control, taxation and poisoning. A mechanism to control the populace is all it is.

The Modern Holocaust

Sometimes I think we may be in the midst of a new holocaust. I don’t want to sound alarmist or untruthful but most middleclass Germans knew nothing about their holocaust during World War II, the reason was it wasn’t middleclass Germans going to the camps. It was the underclass, those in poverty, homeless, alcoholic, drug addicts, prostitutes, the politically aware, Jews, Gypsies, immigrants, the disabled, the oppressed, downtrodden and marginalized basically a human being that has been labelled in some way. Today when a victim of our modern holocaust is labelled by the media, “drug dealer”, “drug addict”, “rapist”, “terrorist”, “thief”, “pedophile”, “radical”, “mentally ill”, “violent” etc any derogatory, dehumanizing and spiteful label other than human being to justify the abuse and oppression.

Just like back then those that defend it the loudest and most fervently are usually those that benefit from the oppressive system the most, they are easily identifiable by their speech, actions and lifestyle.

Make no mistake it was completely legal but immoral and unethical what was happening under German law and all the people involved were “just doing their jobs” that’s how it works throughout history. There is always an excuse to put a human being in a cage and torture, humiliate, dehumanize and deprive them of their freedom, property and basic rights as a human being. 

Very few if any actually see the final phase of a long arduous process of oppression, public humiliation, theft, antagonization, persecution, imprisonment, abuse and dehumanization but many vile cowards participate in the abuse like parasites while that human is still alive.

More and more money keeps being siphoned into police and prisons while in an economic depression. It doesn’t take a genius to see what is going on, just an average observant person that cares about their fellow human being.

Today the final phase could be done completely in the open in broad daylight by human beings operating in police uniforms and vehicles. The public is so apathetic, selfish and has been trained to never question, always obey and support those in uniform even if they murder in cold blood which makes them an accomplice and guilty of crimes against humanity.

The media will put out a lie story to cover up the assassination, something like, “he was armed or tried to hurt the officer and the officer returned fire”, a stolen firearm or pellet gun even is placed at the scene and lots of backstory about how much medicine the person uses or how they were a thief or violent. Its interesting they try to make it sound like using medicine or owning firearms somehow justifies execution? The lies, justification and those supporting the lies have actually become quite comical. Kind of like how old propaganda films of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union make me laugh. 

Text Messaging Similar to Prison Communication

Text message communication is incredibly dehumanizing. One can not read emotions, facial expressions and intent. It is incredibly destructive to an already decaying society. Those who text message while in the company of others are ruining their relationships.

Text communication is also an indication that your time is not your own and you are not free to go and visit and communicate directly face to face. Text communication is largely how prisoners communicate. Do we want to be a society of prisoners or be free?

Society Is A Prison

It is very clear now that this society is a prison. It is sad to see so many people that would rather defect and sell out to the human scum prison guard side than to help the prisoners that are planning to destroy the whole place. Prison guards are less free than prisoners so why defend this monstrosity? At least get out of the way, this will not end well for those in the way.